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Seriously, What The?

Corn Dog

Most of the time when I find something weird or crazy laying around, it starts to get my blood boiling. Remember now, we have had a rat problem in our home. Guess what animal comes to find the rats.Yeah, snakes. We’ve only had one so far, but that is one more than I prefer.

From time to time, I do appreciate a little humor about the crazy stuff that happens to/with my ADHD spouse. I actually wish both of us had more laughs over some of the situations. Yesterday was a good one:

Me: Hey Hon, um, I found a half-eaten corn dog in the girls’ room. It was up high, so I don’t think either of them put it there.

What I really meant: WTF, you left a corn dog laying around when we have a rat problem.

ADD Husband: Finder’s keepers.

I laughed so hard I cried, but it was me who picked up the corn dog and threw it in the trash.

What crazy funny thing have you found laying around?

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