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Who I want to be

Who I want to be

It’s taking me some time to figure out Who I want to be while trying to wrap my head around being in an ADHD marriage. Now that I know more about ADHD and have expanded resources, for my partner, for me, and for us, it has become more clear.

I want to shine again. Damn it, I will shine again.

I will do my best to be supportive and understanding of my husband’s ADHD, but I will detach with love. He is not a project for me, nor do I want him to be. He will need to learn to handle his shit, and I will handle mine.

For myself and as a role model to our kids, I will shine again.

I will make room for the art and activities that I love. If I can’t have this, I can’t be in this relationship.

I will fix the systems that piss me of and I have control over.

I will not fuel his RSD reactions.

I will distance myself from my partner when his behavior is out of line.

I will have healthy boundaries. I haven’t quite figured out where I draw the line, but I question that daily.

I will build support in other relationships and areas of life.

I will sleep in another room if that is what it takes to get a good night’s sleep.

I will find my way to being happy.

I will feel love. If only for myself and for my kids, that will work for me.

I will have goals and pursue them.

I will grow and move forward.

I will put myself and my kids first.

Who do you want to be?

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